Primitive Skate Welcomes Kyonosuke Yamashita

“The first time that I skated with Kyonosuke was at the Fire Lab rail when I was working on my “What The Prod” part. He filmed a line with a big flip front board in a handful of tries, but even from that small amount I saw, I could already recognize a mature taste in his skating. Later on I got to watch him cruise the Primitive Park and get more of a sense of the tricks that he would do, and it struck me how much he has an old soul to his skating. I don’t know who mentored him or who his OG’s were that put him on to skating, but he skates as if he grew up watching the same people that I grew up watching. Although we’ve only known each other for a short time, he already fits in so naturally with the team that it feels like he’s been around way longer. It feels only right to make it official and welcome Kyonosuke Yamashita to the Primitive Skate team!” - Paul Rodriguez

Filmed by: Alan Hannon, Alex Kissinger, Eric Iwakura and Jake Leger

Edited by: Alan Hannon

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