"LENZ III" Tightbooth Full Parts

Full parts of the legendary Tightbooth Productions from Japan, as they come through with their 3rd full length video.

Kotora takes heavy hits, but strikes back even harder. From power-packed lines to the quickest feet, this guy's got the gift.

Navigating security while keeping a heart-pumping rhythm through every line, Rinku delivers a slew of powerful moves in the streets, plazas and sculptures of Japan. Crank up the volume.

Maybe you've seen the Super Rat in your feed, but quick clips can't match the full effect captured in a LENZ video. Fast feet and a quiver of new no-complies make this a must-watch.

Armed with light-speed flick and a mean mohawk, Rio charges the Japanese streets, ducking security and gliding across gorgeous granite. Blink and you might miss a clip.

Heart-pumping rhythm and a devil-may-care approach, Ayahiro fuels the LENZ tradition, charging Japan’s beautiful spots and boosting our love of skateboarding.

Not only are you about to watch one of the best nollie heels of all time, but every clip in Ryuhei's part is planted in the perfect place. Watch it, then repeat. That's the only way to process a LENZ vid.